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Electronic Music

Composing, recording and mixing


I enjoy composing and producing electronic music. Some tracks where commissioned by producers of synthesizere to show off their gear, and a few where published on BooM! records. But mostly I do it for the creative kick.

Note: The CD artwork shown below is by BooM! records.


  • Catch a spark of inspiration
  • Compose melodies, chords and beats
  • Build sounds and effects
  • Mix and master
  • Have fun and play with technology!



KeyToSound commisioned me to create two pieces of music to demonstrate the capabilities of their Nexsyn synthesizer. The challenge was to create the music with just that single machine. "Sixty-Eight" is an ambient/downtempo track with atmospheric audio voice samples.
→ Listen to the "Sixty-Eight" track (MP3)


The "Resolver" track is the second and more energetic track created for KeyToSound. As an experiment I build this track around Joseph Campells idea of the hero's journey, and it's archetypical stages. The hero starts at home, overcomes epic challenges, and returns as a man. When you listen to this track, can you image the journey?
→ Listen to the "Resolver" track (MP3)

Snow Motion

This track was a created in my home studio back in 98 when raves and goa-trance was still the thing. It has a tribal feel combined with crisp synths and some melodic movements.
→ Listen to the "Snow Motion" track (MP3)

Sinus Amoris

I created this song as a demonstration of the Studio9000 software that I also developed. It's just a fun little piece, but at the time it was quite a feat to produce this with software only, without any hardware synths or effects.
→ Listen to the "Sinus Amoris" track (MP3)

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