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Lorika Training System

Teaching business + sustainability to Maasai micro entrepreneurs


In 2007 I was invited by Lorika Foundation in Kenya to develop a training system for Maasai micro entrepreneurs to supplement their micro-finance activities. Most students can't read or write.

As project leader I researched and developed a system that teaches business and sustainability skills together, using the "business tree" as a tool. I also completed two succesful test trainings and a trainer's manual.

The project required navigating a complex cultural setting including multiple tribes and languages, local politics and gender issues.


  • Conduct field research
  • Develop training methodology
  • Organize and conduct test trainings
  • Produce 100-page trainer's manual
  • Facilitate project evaluation
  • Produce project documentation


The full PDF version of the trainer's manual is available under a Creative Commons licence.

→ Download manual (8MB pdf)

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