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Koblo Remix Web Community

Online remix community.


In 2008 I headed the development of the Koblo online remixing community. The site included a marketplace for remix kits and soft synths, and social features like profiles, forums and remix competitions.

The site offered advanced project collaboration features and served as the backend for all online features of the Koblo Studio open souce music software, including sharing and versioning of projects, tracks and samples.

The site was build to handle growth in users and traffic, using modern cloud computing technology.


  • Idea and concept development
  • Site layout and navigation
  • Implementation and maintenance
  • Deployment and scaling


  • Ruby on Rails
  • XHTML, CSS, SQL, Flash, JavaScript
  • REST-based public site API
  • Amazon Web Services, EC2, S3, EBS
  • Linux, Mac OS X
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