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Northern Lights Bikeshare

New bikeshare system for Copenhagen - competetion entry


In 2009 the city of Copenhagen in Denmark hosted an open international design competition to get ideas for the next generation of the city's bikeshare system.

I teamed up with fellow KaosPilot Thomas Reibke to create the Northern Lights concept, which combines old carrier style bikes with modern mobile, web and payment technology.

Bikes can be parked on any street corner, eliminating the traditional fixed docking stations. In the night, LED's light up the big green front carrier to create a strong iconing look.


  • Initiate project and gather team
  • Research existing bikeshare systems and business models
  • Creative idea and concept development
  • Bike design and digital prototyping
  • 3D modelling and rendering
  • Concept description and visualization
  • Competition entry layout and design
1_front.png 2_concept.png 3_sketch.png 4_modelling.png 5_parking.png 6_payment.png driving.png rear.png side.png