From Silicon Valley to Rift Valley

I'm passionate about sustainability and social innovation, and fascinated by the creative possibilities technology offers. I believe exciting things happen at the cross-roads and have been involved in projects in a wide range of fields.

From touring the Silicon Valley with software startups to working with Maasai micro-entrepreneurs in the Rift Valley in Kenya - we are all interconnected and share the same planet.


  • Sustainability and social innovation
  • Creative leadership and project design
  • Concept development and innovation
  • Software and web technologies
  • Cross-disciplinary approaches
bikeshare.haml Northern Lights Bikeshare New bikeshare system for Copenhagen - competetion entry bank.haml The Danish National Bank Strategy and team consulting at the Danish National Bank lorika.haml Lorika Training System Teaching business + sustainability to Maasai micro entrepreneurs grove.haml The Grove Consultants Strategy project at The Grove Consultants in San Francisco koblo.haml Koblo Remix Web Community Online remix community. dictators.haml Dictators 3 day immersive role-play about dictatorships studio9000.haml Studio9000 Synthesizers Series of software synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. harbour.haml My Harbour Community involvement and city planning events. music.haml Electronic Music Composing, recording and mixing rosinante.haml Rosinante Vision and strategy consulting for publishing house Rosinante & Co mgp03.haml MGP03 Song grand prix for high-schools in Århus, Denmark. incubacion.haml InCUBAción Workshops, courses and educational concepts in Cuba motomundo.haml Moto Mundo Website Company website with CMS, booking and newsletter system nh.haml Travellers' Website Website with CMS, booking and info tokyo.haml Tokyo Software Editor Software for building audio algorithms in real-time codegolf.haml Ruby Code Golf Extreme use of the Ruby programming language ivrea.haml IVREA Workshop at IVREA Interaction Design Institute