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Futurelab Sydfyn

Layout, illustration and production handling of a booklet


FutureLab Sydfyn is a regional development program in Denmark. I was commissioned to create a printed publication, as well as digital presentation templates in th same style.

The goals was to to hit a serious yet forward-looking style. I used imagery of boats and swans as a metaphor of adventure and possiblities, and combined it with images from the geographical area.


  • Choosing color scheme
  • Creation of illustrations
  • Layout of printed publication
  • Managing production of publication
  • Digital presentation templates
  • Printed on 100% recycled paper
  • Environmentally certified production
0_synfyn_keynote.png 1_sydfyn_front.png 2_sydfyn_toc.png 3_sydfyn_headline.png 4_sydfyn_spread.png 5_sydfyn_quote.png sydfyn_church.png sydfyn_door.png sydfyn_dreams.png sydfyn_eco.png sydfyn_edges1.png synfyn_flip.png