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Lorika Training Material

100-page business training manual with illustrations.


As part of a program for Maasai micro-entrepreneurs in Kenya, I designed, illustrated and layouted this 100-page training manual. The goal was a friendly and practical workshop-style book.

Part of the task was to develop a coherent visual language to supports the training methodology. The book includes a large number of visual icons and models based on the theme of trees and water.


  • Overall design and color scheme
  • Creation of illustrations
  • Developing icons, models and diagrams
  • Layout of printed publication
  • Available under a Creative Commons licence


The full PDF version of the trainer's manual is available under a Creative Commons licence.

→ Download manual (8MB pdf)

0_perspective.png 1_page3.png 1_page4.png 1_page5.png 2_2_tree.png 2_3_money.png 2_4_spread2.png 3_community.png 3_flowers.png 3_table.png