Curriculum Vitae

Emil Tin
Phone: +45 2972 3788


I've closed my private company, and do not take on consulting or design tasks. Instead I'm looking for full time positions.


Young dynamic entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for sustainability.

Born in 1975 in Denmark, and educated at the KaosPilot new school of Creative Business Design and Social Innovation, Denmark.

Solid project experience and understanding of teamwork, partnerships and process facilitation. Have worked in a range of fields, including software and web development, cultural events, graphic design, education and consulting.


  • Creative, inventive and visionary.
  • Systematic and thorough problem solver.
  • Strong communicator with a pedagogical talent.
  • Open and curious, a good listener and team player.
  • International outlook and well travelled.
  • Deft preparer of stir-fry noodles.
  • Like to meditate.

Looking for...

I'm currently looking for a new team to join! Your company or organization might work with sustainability, urban development or social innovation, or another exciting field.

Feel free to contact me or pass this CV around. Thank you.


2009-2010 Independent graphic designer, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2008 Consulting for Rosinante & Co Publishing, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2007-2008 Head of Web Development at, Denmark/USA.
2007 Project leader at Lorika Foundation, Rift Valley, Kenya.
2006 Project leader and assistant consultant at The Grove Consultants International, San Francisco, USA.
2006 Freelance music composer for Key2Sound, Århus, Denmark.
2005 Project leader/member at InCUBAción, La Habana, Cuba.
2004 Consulting for The Danish National Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2004 Consulting for Interaction Design School, Ivrea, Italy.
2002-2003 Project leader/member at the Frontrunners, Århus, Denmark.
2002 Graphic designer and assistant consultant at KaosManagement, Århus, Denmark.
1997-2002 Founder and Head of Development at Koblo Software, Århus, Denmark.
1995 Freelance programmer for LEGO, Billund, Denmark.
1994 Freelance robotics designer for LEGO, Billund, Denmark.


2008 How to get Venture Capital, courses/meetups setup by Danish Innovation Center, Silicon Valley, USA, 2 weeks.
2004-2007 KaosPilot new school of Creative Business Design and Social Innovation, Århus, Denmark, 3 years.
2006 Tai Chi training, San Francisco, USA, 4 weeks.
2006 Vipassa Meditation Course with James Baraz et al., Berkeley, USA, 2 months.
2005 Spanish Course, Universidad de La Habana, Cuba, 1 month.
2005 English Grammar, 2 week course at the KaosPilots, Århus, Denmark.
2001 FrontSession Music School, Århus, Denmark, 4 months.
1991-1995 Gymnasium, Mathematical Line (studentereksamen, matematisk linie), Århus Katedralskole, Denmark, 3 years.
1980-1991 Primary school (folkeskoleeksamen), Koch's Skole, Århus, Denmark, 9 years.

Other Activities

2009 Entry for the Copenhagen Bike-Share Internation Design Competition, Denmark.
2009 Business teaching at Copenhagen Univesity College of Engineering, Denmark.
2007 Initiator of KlubKaos alumni organization at the KaosPilots.
2007 The Real World, project-based educational concept for primary schools.
2006 Awakening in the Body, silent vipassana/qigong retreat, San Francisco, USA (1 uge).
1990-2005 Composing and producing electronic music.
2004 Dictators, a 3-day role-play about dictatorships at Ådalen School, Hørning, Denmark.
2003 Projectmember at MGP03, a concert event for all high school in Århus, Denmark.
2003 Projectmember at RECession, electronic music festival, Århus, Denmark.
2003 Urban space concept visualizations for Århus Festival Week, Århus, Denmark.
2007 Organizing a free meditation course at the KaosPilots, Århus.
2006 Four months meditation study/practice stay, San Francisco, USA.
2006 Participant in "World LEGO Building Contest", a japanese TV Show in LEGOLand, Denmark.
2002-2003 Green belt in Karate at Shui Ryu Karate Club, Århus, Denmark.
1990-1991 Helping design, plan and build a house with hexagonal rooms, Århus, Denmark.

Travels and stays abroad

2008 Oslo, Normay 1 month stay
2007 Rift Valley, Kenya 4 months stay
2007 San Francisco, USA 4 months stay
2006 San Francisco, USA 4 months stay
2005 La Habana, Cuba 3 months stay
1999 Tokyo, Japan 3 weeks stay
1998 Southern Europe 1 month traveling
1996 Cape Town, South Africa 6 months stay
1992 Africa 6 months travelling
1989 Moscow, USSR 1 month stay
1989 USSR 5 months travelling
1984 Asia 6 months travelling
1980 America 12 months travelling



Project design and leadership
Partnerships and stakeholder involvement
Creative concept development and innovation
Entrepreneurship, business plans, budgets
Cross-disciplinary approaches


Design and faciliation af group proceses
Organizational consulting
Change and innovation processes
Coaching, feedback and positive communication
Process theory, systemic thinking, etc


Branding, marketing, PR
Logos and visual identities
Web, graphic and user interface design
Web platforms like blogs, wikis, Twitter, etc
3D modelling and visualization
Creative Commons licenses

Software and Web

Web technologies and protocols
Building online communities
Online communiction platforms
Social technology and media
Open Source and distributed teams